Review: 99 Ways To Die In The Movies

99 Ways To Die In The Movies

– By The Kobal Collection



A funny little book that, while lacking in detail, would make for an amusing coffee table addition.


99 Ways To Die In The Movies is just that; a small book containing 99 (at times quite graphic) photographs of the ways people have died on the silver screen over the years. Maybe don’t attempt to read it while you’re eating… or at work… or on the tube… you might feel a bit nauseous and will definitely get a few weird looks!


I chose this book because it combines my two greatest loves: film and history. However, upon opening it, it became clear that the latter is rather lacking – instead, this book subscribes firmly to the belief that a picture paints a thousand words. Not that this is a problem, though, it’s just maybe not quite the obvious choice for My History Cafe anymore.

Regardless, this is a striking and, at times, poignant collection of movie stills that is by no means just for horror fans (although that would probably help). While there are ‘horror’ deaths a plenty, this book features everything from Thelma & Louise to Star Wars: A New Hope to Midnight Cowboy. Even Monty Python’s Life of Brian is in there!

All in all, this is a strange and yet endearing little book, and worth a look if you’re a film fan like me.

You can buy a copy of 99 Ways To Die In The Movies here.


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